Monday, February 16, 2015

EURO TOOL (ELP-558.00) LED Light Attachment for Optivisor

EURO TOOL is proud to present the LED attachment for Optivisor. The revolutionary Quasar LED lighting system is the best possible lighting solution available for your magnifying visor. The fixture snaps over the Optivisor lens plate and significantly increases visibility in any environment. Six strategically placed LEDs around the frame allow for unmatched clarity of image while decreasing and virtually eliminating shadows. The lightweight Quasar easily fits onto your magnifying visor and will run continuously for weeks on a single set of batteries. Includes 2 AA batteries. This item will not interfere with other Optivisor attachments or accessories for your optical visor such as a loupe attachment. This LED optical aid is a great option for individuals who work on meticulous projects, precision cutting, soldering, or for general optical assistance. EURO TOOL stands for excellence and is confident the quality, usefulness and durability of your item will exceed your level of expectation. Please be virtuous your item has the EURO TOOL name when ordering on Amazon. Other comparable competitor items are of inferior quality, design, production and will not meet your level of expectation as a EURO TOOL product will.

Buy EURO TOOL (ELP-558.00) LED Light Attachment for Optivisor at amazon

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #6705 in Office Product

  • Brand: Eurotool

  • Model: ELP-558.00

  • Dimensions: .3 pounds


  • Specifics - This 6 LED optical visor attachment weighs .25 lb. and will illuminate for several hours on 2 AA batteries (batteries are included).

  • Uses - This item is an optimal choice to add to your optical visor to improve the light field cast on your craft, project or hobby. This is a popular item among jewelers, fine metal craftsperson, model building individuals and scientists.

  • This is an attachment piece only. Optical Visor sold separately.

  • Superior Quality - EURO TOOL products are the pinnacle of quality, and stand alone at the top in the industry of craft, hobby, DIY project and jewelry tools. Make sure your tools have the name EURO TOOL.

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